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Solutions to accomplish and services to deliver on design, implementation, testing, and optimization of networks

Consulting Services

ProMedia Telecom can help your organization from an end to end solution perspective. We offer talented expertise and solutions which guide our clients through the challenges of evaluation, selection, integration, optimization, delivery, and evolution of advanced wireless technologies, and services that current and future networks demand.

Technology Consulting

ProMedia offers expertise in a wide range of leading edge technologies such as 4G LTE, UMTS, CDMA2000, WiMAX, and M2M systems. We help existing operators and new entrants to the wireless industry determine the most suitable technology path, network implications, and interworking.

  • Network migration and service evolution
  • Network convergence
  • Tool assessment
  • Competitive analysis
  • Technical guidelines, processes, and procedures
  • Network sharing and spectrum analysis

Network Performance

ProMedia can assess the performance of your network from an end-to-end perspective, identify problems and recommend/implement solutions to improve network performance and efficiency.

  • End-to-end network performance assessment
  • Demand analysis
  • Assessment, evolution and optimization of transport architecture
  • System acceptance procedures
  • Network audit
  • Evaluation of key network performance characteristics

Vendor Assessment

ProMedia can assess various vendor's offerings and capabilities and manage the integration of new infrastructure to ensure project timelines and performance requirements are met.

  • Vendor analysis
  • Technical vendor management
  • System acceptance
  • Project management

GIS & Data Analysis

Accurate and actionable data is critical to developing new and valuable services. ProMedia has expertise in the latest GIS application and techniques to help hour customers gain a competitive edge.

  • GIS application development
  • Big data analytics
  • Trend analysis

Wireless Networks Services

Today's advanced networks and technologies requires specialized expertise and end to end system level understanding of network architecture and resources. ProMedia provides expertise in RF Engineering, Systems Engineering, Project Management, and Network Testing for an integrated approach to network solutions.

RF Engineering

RF engineering is a fundamental part of any wireless network. ProMedia Telecom has a strong history of designing, building, and optimizing state of the art wireless networks both in the US and abroad.

  • RF network design and optimization
  • Network planning
  • Radio propagation and prediction model tuning
  • Interference and intermodulation analysis
  • In-building solutions, DAS
  • Small cells
  • Microwave design

System Engineering

Today's wireless networks require a deeper understanding of the system as a whole. ProMedia's goal is to provides end-to-end capabilities and expertise for complete system integration to help our clients design and optimize networks whose various platforms and technologies work together efficiently.

  • End to end system configuration
  • Capacity and dimensioning
  • End to end trouble shooting
  • Data integration and management
  • System requirement and evolution
  • Transport design and dimensioning
  • IP engineering
  • RF, Core, and IT Network integration

Project Management

Project management plays a critical role in any project and ProMedia has extensive experience with projects both large and small in size. We are a process driven organization and have the right expertise to manage complex and challenging projects.

  • Project and program management
  • Development of processes and procedures
  • Project planning

Network Assessment

ProMedia has extensive experience in testing and analyzing various wireless technologies with exposure to most of today leading testing equipment and software tools.

  • Validation and interoperability testing
  • RF testing and analysis
  • Benchmarking and competitive analysis
  • In-building testing

Testing and Hardware Engineering Services

Providing an independent and agnostic approach in testing and hardware engineering effort, ProMedia can help optimize the process in assuring the desired quality and performance of your product.

High level of expertise, experience, and flexibility combine to deliver a customized solution, adapting well to changing requirements and schedules, to either fill in the gaps in resources or be an extension of our client’s organization, meeting increasingly challenging milestones.

Device Testing

ProMedia offers a wide range of testing services over various environments and under all conditions to achieve efficient acquisition of test data and analysis. Our objective of adding value would translate into constantly exploring ways to optimize the processes and automate test procedures. We can provide key procedural guidelines and draft detailed testing suites.

  • Lab testing
  • Field testing
  • Test data analysis
  • Project management

Hardware Engineering

ProMedia provides dedicated resources with extensive experience and knowledge of hardware engineering.

  • FPGA Design/Testing
  • JTAG/ASIC Testing
  • Circuit design
  • IC layout
  • BSP testing
  • Embedded systems
  • Power system testing
  • Antenna testing

Technical Vendor Management

ProMedia offers expertise and resources to interface with and support all related departments, ensuring successful completion of device testing in a timely manner.

Our team would interface directly with the vendors (OEM, Test Platform, etc) and project management to identify and help resolve issues, and keep projects on track.

Our emphasis on process automation and date sharing, using the latest techniques and tools, ensures projects are completed on time and with quality standards.

Software and IT Services

As wireless expands IT networks, and IT components enhance the services delivered by wireless networks, the right expertise is crucial for efficient integration and convergence of the networks, devices and services.

Our solutions encompass wireless and IT systems, ranging from organizational strategy development to establishing the technology and resources roadmaps, to network configuration and implementation of hardware, software and applications.

  • Mobile Applications
  • Database Systems
  • Solutions Architects
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Cloud Configuration
  • Tools Development
  • Wireless Enterprise